Get started with VU-LINK

  • Exchange cash from
    point balance

    We form alliances with local partners in various country to deliver customer’s valuable points in local currency. The exchanged local currency will be transferred to the designated bank account.

    Transfer to your designated account

    Points in the wallet can be transferred to a designated account through the Point Gateway system. If you cannot select the corresponding transfer destination, please contact our service center.

    Usage details

    You can check usage information in detail such as the balance of points in the wallet and points exchanged for cash. You can also check the status of the application such as in progress or completed.

  • Feel safe
    and secure

    As a secure and reliable wallet, we introduced the latest encryption technology and firewall to prevent fraud.

    Security of personal information

    Customer's personal information is protected by the highest-level management system. In addition, since our company is a service that communicates between the member store site and the customer, for customers who do not want to make a bank transfer directly to the member store site, the wallet and service can make you feel safe to use.

    Standard implementation of two-factor authentication (2FA)

    Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an additional layer on security when users login to their wallet. This will block unauthorized access by third parties.

  • Use your point balance
    with a 16-digit ID

    You can also use the point balance for payment at our member stores by using the 16-digit exclusive prepaid ID.

    Payment with prepaid ID

    The prepaid ID is a convenient 16-digit payment exclusive ID bonded to the wallet balance of the system. When you choose to pay with the prepaid ID on the member store site, you can use the balance in the wallet to make payment by verifying the 16-digit ID saved in advance.

    Fast payment

    It is a safe and easy payment method using the one-time prepaid ID solution of this wallet. If you do not have any balance left in your prepaid ID, you can select this option to pay directly to the member store site without going through your wallet.

Common questions

  • What is the VU-LINK Wallet?

    This is a free wallet that can be charged with VU-LINK points, and a tool that allows you to manage your dedicated prepaid ID online.

    By registering for a new wallet (free of charge), you can use a dedicated prepaid ID and wallet that is exclusive to you and never changes every time.

    In addition, the amount of incentives and earnings earned at merchant sites can be charged as VU-LINK points.

  • Is the VU-LINK Wallet free?

    Registration for the VU-LINK Wallet is free.

    Please register on the membership registration page.

  • I did not receive a confirmation email after registration

    There may have been an error in the email address you entered, please enter it again.

    Also, depending on the mailer or security software you are using, your email may be deleted or deemed as spam mail. Please check your spam folder and security software settings.

    If you have set up a domain name receiver, please check your settings so that you can receive messages from "".

  • I forgot my username/password

    Please check the username here.

    If you forgot your password,please reset here.

  • How to unregister?

    You can withdraw from the VU-LINK Wallet from the "Profile" page.

    Note: When you cancel your membership

    ・In the event of withdrawal from the membership, your dedicated prepaid ID will become invalid and cannot be used.

    ・If you have any remaining in your account, no refunds will be made.

  • Can I change my dedicated prepaid ID?

    You can change your prepaid ID on the Wallet security page.

    If you change your prepaid ID, you cannot change it again within 24 hours.

    It cannot be set to any prepaid ID.

  • Want to change the password

    You can do this by logging into your wallet and going to your "Profile".

    Avoid using passwords that you use on other sites or passwords that can be easily guessed, and change your password regularly to keep it safe.

Other questions

  • Prepaid IDs don't work on merchant sites

    Prepaid IDs with zero point cannot be used. Please purchase a new VU-LINK again.

    If you make a balance inquiry and it is not confirmed, the ID is no longer valid.

    If there is an error on a page on the merchant site or you are unable to proceed to the VU-LINK payment page, please contact the site directly.

  • Can I have a receipt?

    Please note that we do not issue the receipt.

    Please ask the site you used.

  • I want to give balance to family or friends

    Transferring, selling or buying or selling VU-LINK Point to third parties is prohibited under the Terms of Service.

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